Estate Planning

John Galsworthy once wrote that, “The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.”  While he may not have had Wills, Trusts, estate planning, or probate directly in mind, his words prove true enough.  All the planning one can reasonably do will not change the truth of his words; but the failure to plan will make any inevitable ending worse.

Proper estate planning, and the implementation of appropriate estate documents, provide peace of mind.  They allow us to identify heirs, and to direct how, and by whom, our affairs are to be handled.  Just as importantly, they allow us to so arrange our affairs as to minimize the losses caused by intestate administration and taxes that might otherwise have been avoided by proper planning.

The current economic and political climate, coupled with dynamic changes at both federal and state levels as to estate and death taxes, merit the utmost of care and prudence in matters of estate planning, and the implementation of professionally prepared Wills, Trusts, and related documents.

Lucas & Lucas, P.S. strives to remain abreast and knowledgeable of issues affecting Wills, Trusts, and estate planning, including the state and federal estate tax environment affecting decedent estates.

We are available to prepare estate planning instruments both for modest estates and for those requiring more sophisticated planning.

Given the interrelationship between client-owned businesses and client estates, we are also available to provide counsel as to business continuation issues.  In addition, the firm engages in probate and estate administration proceedings.

Lucas & Lucas, P.S. does not prepare tax returns.  Rather, we work cooperatively with our clients’ Certified Public Accountants, tax preparers, financial planners, bankers, and other professional advisors to provide our clients with timely and appropriate legal counsel on a case-by-case basis.