In large measure, Lucas & Lucas, P.S. owes its philosophy, inspiration, and roots to Edward D. Lucas, the now deceased grandfather of the firm’s founders. After seven months at the University of Virginia School of Law, Edward D. Lucas passed the Virginia Bar Examination. He returned to complete the three year course of study in sixteen months. In 1923 Mr. Lucas opened his law practice in Petersburg, Virginia, and became a well known and highly regarded member of the Virginia Bar. Mr. Lucas left behind a legacy of honor, reason and self-discipline that has guided the family.

In 1987, Gregory D. Lucas founded the firm’s Bellevue, Washington practice. Matthew W. Lucas (now retired) followed suit by opening the Northern Virginia Office. The firms were later merged, forming what is now LUCAS & LUCAS, P.S., a firm that provides a broad array of professional and life experience.

A quote from Edward D. Lucas’ book “Virginia Justice: The Cause and Cure” has been a talisman for his grandsons:

“…Falsehood may always be proved to clash with fact,
with reason or with itself, and often with them all.”